Saturday, January 20, 2007

Go Colts!

No, we haven't gone native. A woman with whom I work gave Sophie the outfit as a gift, and we thought it'd make a good photo. We're not even sure what the Colts are. A basketball team?

Whatever. Sophie's cute. And yes, she is getting chunky. Check out those legs!


Leslie said...

you guys scared me for a second.
she is so adorable! seriously, you guys have the most beautiful kids!

Pa said...

wow! welcome to the midwest - but seriously, so cute! and i ask the question again - why are chunky thighs so adorable on little people and not on old ones like me? thanks for sharing - pa and bama

Barbara said...

She could wear anything and be adorable. Or she could wear nothing and still be adorable. She is just tooooo cute!
Love you

Jenny said...

so cute!!!

The Queen said...

I agree with your mom. Why aren't MY chubby thighs cute anymore! I, too, was scared for a second, but only because I thought you might be serious about not knowing who the Colts were. Then I remembered you have that FB player in your ward. Whew! Anyhoo, she's awfully cute!! She's getting so much personality.

Carla said...

Oh please, Judy ~ you have no chubby thighs!
Sophie looks like a happy cheerleader. With chubby thighs. :)